Friday, July 29, 2016

Force Touch

A very unique feature of the Qualper phone is the home button. Many share holders got to see it at the annual stockholder's meeting.

On the Qualper phone, the home button is in the middle of a smooth area below the screen. Hold your finger on it, it lights up and gives some "haptic" feedback. It vibrates to let you know you did something.

It's a very unique thing -- that just happened to be found along with PicoP in the phone -- another very unique feature. 

So, somewhere to look for PicoP might be with this other unique feature. 

The closer we get to the reveal, the more accurate the leaks typically get. This one is close to bankable at this point. It's come up repeatedly, and the details about it haven't changed.


“According to a new report from Macotakara — a site with an impressive track record regarding Apple rumors — the home button on Apple’s next-gen iPhone will sit flush with the screen and will not move when pressed,” Heisler reports. “Instead, Apple is planning to incorporate a series of sensors underneath the home button that will trigger a slight vibration when pressed. This, in turn, will provide users with the illusion that the iPhone 7 home button is a mechanical button.”

“The report further adds that the sensors underneath the iPhone 7 home button will be pressure sensitive, thereby paving the way for Apple to incorporate 3D Touch functionality on the screen as well as via the home button itself,” Heisler reports. “Notably, Apple has already implemented this type of technology on its MacBook line via a feature it calls Force Touch.”

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