Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nintendo NX

Another thing to watch more closely. 

This is good noise. ( But keep it basic! )

Been watching Pokemon Go since last year around here, because of Microvision's interest and position in augmented reality. Pokemon Go is also connected to Nintendo. 

The Nintendo NX has been interesting for a long time (following this thing for a few years now.) It is interesting because since the conversation about it began, there was talk of blurring the lines between "console" and "mobile." -- The way I see it, that involves primarily the screen you play on -- and the ONLY way to blur that line is with projection.

It's now clear, that people outside Nintendo are starting to see the Nintendo NX. It's interesting timing, coinciding with the release of Pokemon Go.

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son could have gotten more from a ten-billion investment here than a 32 Billion investment in ARMH. When it gets to the internet of things, everything tiny that needs a screen is going to need MVIS.

From TechCrunch   (more at the source)

The Nintendo NX is one of the most long-teased console releases I can ever remember, especially as an officially acknowledged thing. Speaking on his company’s quarterly earnings conference call yesterday (via IGN), Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shared some tantalizing impressions about the NX: It’s “really great,” and it should “help the industry continue to grow,” particularly by bringing “more casual players back” into the console gaming fold.

* * *

Guillemot’s comments don’t reveal what the console will look like, but do give us clues about who it’s intended to impress: casual players. Nintendo’s biggest console success, the original Wii, did well primarily because it struck a chord with a non-traditional console gaming audience, thanks to accessible gameplay and unique use of motion controls for participatory play.
The Wii U had the potential to repeat, but since the heydays of the original Wii, the attention of the casual game player has shifted — to mobile. I wouldn’t read too much into Guillemot’s vague statement, but the rumors suggesting Nintendo’s device combines portability with living room chops make a lot of sense if indeed the idea is to recapture the company’s casual appeal.

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