Friday, March 14, 2014

Amazon Set Top Box to "Ship Any Day Now"

Ryan Michael Downey
Janko Roettgers of GigaOm is reporting that an Amazon Set Top Box will in fact ship out any day now. According to reports, the set top box willAmazon Black include Netflix and Hulu Plus though the item will not feature as many apps as the Roku. The most interesting aspect of this story though is that Amazon is now registered with DIAL, which means that it will be possible to launch compatible apps from a smart phone or tablet. Will apps that are not installed on the system itself be available on the box via DIAL or will access be limited? The Roku 3 and the soon to launch Roku HDMI Streaming Stick currently allow Netflix and YouTube to be launched from a mobile device and play on the set top box?

FireTube Anyone

Could the DIAL integration be the reason 
Amazon patented the term “Firetube”? To see the patent filing click here. The Streaming Advisor has long thought that Firetube was likely the name of an app, possibly a replacement for the absent YouTube. The Streaming Advisor has followed this story closely. To see our full take on Firetube click here.

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