Thursday, March 27, 2014

INTEL Glasses... PicoP shaped projector?

[ the precise reason I scrape happened to this article. It is apparently no longer available at its original location, and I apparently have also lost the picture. ] The picture was pretty cool. I'll see if I can find it again.

In The Future of Wearable Tech, iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs explore the evolving form and function of our Internet-connected devices. This series, based on a recent report, looks at the rise of wearable technologies and their impact on consumer lifestyles.  
As we move into an era where we are increasingly dependent on our devices, even being without your phone for a few hours can feel rather disorientating. Now imagine that same scenario ten years from now when these same technologies are even further embedded into the fabric in our lives.
Science fiction novels and works of pop culture play out these promising and often scary scenarios, but in reality humans are rapidly leveraging the advances in computational size, processing speed, and sensor technology to augment our natural abilities.
Far from dystopian, the future of this hybrid human and machine mix offers the incredible possibility to replace or correct for limitations caused by degenerative conditions or other physical and mental shortfalls. A trend that could be called “Augmented Sensory Perception” is rising from early experiments that closely align and even integrate technologies with the human body to enhance existing perceptions and faculties. Whether through biomedical research or DIY ‘hacks’, these innovations are designed to overcome personal challenges, while pushing the boundary in terms of what is possible.

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