Monday, August 18, 2014

Apple "entirely New Product Categories"

Not able to dig as much as normal.... but these articles are still intriguing

Back in the timeline post, one of the articles mentioned "totally new product categories," They're still saying "new product categories"

The following article is interesting for a few reasons -- among them the iPhone 6 production schedule. They're starting production NOW (August) for a September release.

Microvision has stated they will be in mass production by the 4th quarter of this year.

An "entirely new" product category is not going to be a watch. That's not entirely new, it's been done before.

New Apple Product Categories

"This year's iPhone launch is expected to be the biggest in the company's history, with reports pegging orders of up to 80 million units through the end of 2014. Hopes for the new iPhone are also high on Wall Street, where investors believe that customers have been clamoring for larger display sizes from Apple.

The "iPhone 6" is likely to be part of a big fall for the company, which has been particularly quiet thus far in 2014. But executives at Apple have teased that they have a big lineup of new products and entirely new product categories coming before the end of the year.

In particular, Apple's most anticipated device may be the new "iWatch," which is expected to be a wrist-worn smart accessory that will track and provide users with health and fitness data. It is expected to tie into the new Health application that will be featured in the upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system."

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