Friday, August 29, 2014

Biggest Tell ever in a LinkedIn Profile

I am not putting the actual LinkedIn Profile up because I don't want to send too much traffic to it. (Maybe bad form.) But this is good information and very relevant to those of us following Microvision, Microvision's production schedules and any connections with Apple.

Copied from a LinkedIn profile today.

Manufacturing Operations and Supplier Quality Manager at Microvision
  1. Apple
  1. Microvision
  2. ACM Holdings
  3. LKT Industrial Berhad
  1. Curtin University of Technology

Operations Program Manager

 – Present (7 months)shenzhen
And this recommendation from the same profile
Mark _____
Sr. Staff Engineer at Microvision
I worked with J_____ for over three years in his roles as a manufacturing engineer and quality manager. Microvision's products are designed in the US and manufactured at many locations across Asia. J_____ was a key player in establishing our manufacturing operations and moving products into production, working seamlessly with teams on both sides of the Pacific across 9 time zones. I highly recommend J______ as a member of an engineering or quality team.
January 22, 2014, Mark worked with Jonathan at Microvision

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