Friday, August 8, 2014

PicoP being manufactured NOW

Tokman on UPS -- last two conference calls.

First Quarter Conference Call:

"UPS We announced in march we will be supplying custom picop display modules to outfit distribution facility in us...expect to deliver in third quarter"

Second Quarter Conference Call:

Next topic is UPS, we are currently on track to deliver custom PicoP display modules in the third quarter to UPS which is another Fortune Global 500 customer. The modules are part of a new package guidance  application targeted at increasing processing efficiency in real time package sorting and routing. UPS has informed us that it plans to deploy the system in a facility in the United States.

 Question: As far as the UPS system is concerned, the deployment that you discussed, is that going to be in this calendar year?

Tokman: We’re delivering our modules this quarter and they will deploy it in the US. We cannot specify the timing, because it’s something they are sensitive about, but -you do your own math.

Question: Originally you said this was pilot development, is it still in the pilot stage? Or will this be beyond that at this point?

Tokman: It’s a real implementation in one of their flagship sites. The goal – remember what the goal is, the goal for UPS is to quantify the potential performance improvements of their processes in terms of increase of throughput and reduction of error rate. So they need to quantify this information and they selected the site to implement this.

If they are delivering the PicoP engines this quarter... they MUST be making them now.

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