Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sharp's Stance on MEMS PicoProjectors

An alert person posting on the Yahoo Message board dug this up and it's good. 

This could be a very interesting feature of the possible buyout by Foxconn (or prevent that deal from happening.) 

The PicoP MEMS projector unit is a significant part of Sharp's strategy. This is the second supply chain for PicoP and they are going to aggressively promote it. 

(or FOXCONN will -- and FOXCONN's position in the cellphone manufacturing world is second to none.)

"Aggressive promotions of new businesses, the future key segments; for example, presenting the laser MEMS projector module at Wearable Expo in Tokyo" 

Sharp IR -- See page 14

A result like this was pointed out on this blog the day Sharp's RoBoHon made its debut.  -- An Innovative Smartphone Product

True Cellphone Innovation

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