Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sharp and Foxconn

If you've been here recently, you saw something about having tomorrow's newspaper today.

This story is ALL about having tomorrows news today. If you can piece the dots together and let them draw a picture for you things get really interesting. 

The story we have now, starts with Foxconn making a bid for Sharp. To many this is a shoulder-shrugging event. So what? Struggling Sharp will be purchased by Foxconn - a company that isn't struggling. In the lives of most businesses and people, this will not make any difference at all. Foxconn may assemble some of it's own computer products with the Sharp brand, Foxconn will assemble more components of mobile and other electronic devices -- LCDS, Opto-electronic components, camera modules and lasers

If you've been watching MicroVision and thinking that the company will never reach Apple -- the connection is no longer a great leap, or even a small step. We're a couple of pen-strokes away from having the preferred vendor to Apple offering TWO PicoP engines to other OEMS -- Sharp made that unambiguous by showing two at the recent wearables conference.

Yes, you have a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac Enjoy it. 

Recent articles:
Wall Street Journal Foxconn puts 5.5 Billion takeover of Sharp on Fast Track
Reuters -- Sharp considers Foxconn Preferred bidder

AppleInsider -- UPDATE

"Foxconn CEO Terry Gou flew to Osaka late Thursday, an industry insider said, adding Gou would like to finish the negotiations as soon as possible.

"He wants the deal to get done quickly," the person said. "I don't think the market would like it to have to wait another month."

Foxconn and Sharp do have some history together. (From Wikipedia) 


Foxconn and Sharp Corporation jointly run two plants manufacturing large-screen televisions in Sakai, Osaka. In August 2012, it was reported that Sharp, while doing corporate restructuring and downsizing, was considering selling the plants to Foxconn, which was believed to be receptive to the plan.[41]
In March 2012, Foxconn agreed to acquire a 10 percent stake in the Japanese electronics company Sharp Corporation for US$806 million and to purchase up to 50 percent of the LCD displays produced at Sharp's plant in Sakai, Japan.[14]
Foxconn is particularly noteworthy recently because of its relationship with Apple, but it has a long list of customers: (again from Wikipedia)

So, ask yourself, what has changed recently that would make Foxconn willing to purchase ALL of Sharp?

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