Friday, March 18, 2016

Augmented Reality for Maintenance... will be better with projection.

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The rising complexities in cars has been a concern that’s been voiced by multiple owners the world over for some time now. Enough instances have been documented by now which showcase the fact that even, regular, self-maintenance tasks have been pushed to the outer fringes thanks to the increased electronics and inter-dependent systems that they’ve come to carry. No surprises then to find even the owner’s manual turn into some form a complex encyclopaedia that one must spend time deciphering, even for the simplest of tasks.
hyundai sonata uses augmented reality for maintenance
hyundai sonata uses augmented reality for maintenance
Manufacturers have devoted time, money and resources towards making things convenient for owners again & Korean automotive giant, Hyundai, may have finally figured a way out. They’ve just announced an app for their latest luxury sedan – the Sonata that uses augmented reality for maintenance that puts some form of control back in the hands of car owners.
Firing up the app via the smartphone, one discovers that the entire car has been divided into individual sections. Pointing the camera against the corresponding section of the car, results in an overlay, where the said area has been mapped out with helpful individual prompts. These when worked around on the phone reveal detailed information such as its use & how it affects the functioning of the car. One even gets an overview of the exact location of key maintenance items. Further, one can fire up an illustrated overview on the best way to access & service the said item, for example.

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