Friday, March 18, 2016

PlayStation Vue & Binge-on

Not available on Android -- yet. 

But this is a perfect companion for PicoP.... the ecosystem gets better and better.


THE GOOD PlayStation Vue has most of the features and channels you get from your cable or satellite TV provider, without hidden fees or contracts. Its cloud DVR lets you record, pause and rewind live TV, and fast-forward through commercials on recorded shows. Local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels are available in seven US cities, and on-demand in others. It works with PlayStation consoles and Amazon Fire TV, as well as iPhone, iPad and Chromecast, and can stream to up to five devices simultaneously. It has an innovative, show-centric interface and offers profiles for different family members.

THE BOTTOM LINE Sony's PlayStation Vue lets you ditch cable TV and still enjoy tons of live channels and DVR features, and you don't even need a PlayStation.

USA Today

The program, which offers free, lower-quality video streaming to T-Mobile subscribers, now features YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV.

When T-Mobile launched Binge On in late 2015, it offered unlimited streaming of Netflix, Hulu and other Internet entertainment providers without those views counting toward a subscriber's monthly data limits. But YouTube, the world's largest video streamer, was noticeably absent.

YouTube content, instead, contributed to the user's monthly data use, but it was still downgraded to lower quality playback.

YouTube parent Google lashed out at T-Mobile for what it said was throttling. Others, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, joined in on the debate, resurfacing a fight over net neutrality, or the concept that Internet service providers should treat all content equally.

The beef between T-Mobile and Google is over, for now.

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