Monday, March 28, 2016

Samsung Smart Windshield

With multiple producers of projector engines, it will be possible for more and more products of this type to appear. Now that production is on, things should s start getting really interesting.

The Samsung Smart Windshield is simple, and the technology already exists to put it into production. Using a smartphone like Samsung's Galaxy series, along with an app and a small projector that shines specific information onto a motorcycle or scooter's windshield, the concept allows a rider to see navigation information and can send automated responses to emails, phone calls, and text messages while the bike is in motion. While we're tempted to say something like this could distract a rider, let's not pretend that plenty of people aren't already listening to music, glancing at a navigation system or even reading a set of directions printed on paper and attached to the tank or strapped on a wrist.
From AutoBlog

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