Monday, March 14, 2016

Projectors in Nintendo NX?

We've been watching the Nintendo NX for a long time. Initial rumors got stuck between a console game and a portable game, and there was language early on that made me think that it could be a prime candidate for PicoP.

A lot of links have made the digging page, but there have been very few posts about it. (if any)

Now this, patents that include projectors by Nintendo, apparently for the NX.

Gameranx   -- there's more at the source.

The first patent is for technology that combines an infrared camera and distance sensor to take an infrared image of a hand, and then recognize its distance and size. This patent also includes gesture recognition, and other applications that were not in the Kinect, like a GPS receiver and a projector.
Nintendo NX Kinect Gamepad patent 2

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