Friday, June 9, 2017

At Least Temporary, Possibly Permanent Change

This blog was established as a repository for my own notes about Microvision; a place to store my notes about this company.

Over time, it has become far more public than I ever intended.

I believe that the company, in spite of recent stock price behavior is "out of the woods." 

The first of three standardized products are in mass production, and, as we heard at the stockholders' meeting, there is no shortage of opportunities for MicroVision. 

With standardized products in mass production, and nothing in the way of producing very large quantities of those products, there is little in the way of widespread adoption of the technology. It has significant advantages to competing technology in power-consumption / size / brightness / focus / interactivity. The case for large displays in small packages is so compelling (especially when the display is interactive) that I see little to hold us back at this point.

The changes will be as follows:

1) There will be fewer updates. (I have other things I need to and want to work on.)

2) There will be few if any specific potential customer names mentioned. We all know where to look. 

3) This may change.... 

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