Friday, June 2, 2017

Pegatron showcases Electronic Car Cockpit

I'll be watching for more news about this. This is interesting....


Pegatron showcases its new electronic car cockpit

‘REVOLUTION’:The firm spent several years on research and development before creating the cockpit, which integrates navigation systems with heads-up displays

Pegatron Corp (和碩), which assembles electronics from Apple Inc’s iPhones to Sony Corp’s game consoles, yesterday showcased its latest electronic car cockpit that integrates infotainment, instrument clusters and information displays as part of its efforts to expand into the automotive electronics sector.
Automotive is one of the company’s core businesses, in addition to notebooks and Internet of Things applications, Pegatron said, adding that it focuses on enhancing its technological capabilities in the three areas.
“It is becoming a trend for vehicles to be equipped with all-digital cockpits. Almost all functions will be done through displays,” Pegatron chief technology officer Steven Huang (黃中于) told a media briefing yesterday. “This is a revolution for the automotive industry.”

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