Monday, December 4, 2017

Autonomous cars faster than you expected

Quicker than they expect, combine this with the video about disruptive technology from yesterday, and check out this, and the stack of Patents from Magna that point to Microvision... and things are looking really nice and really interesting.

BMW 2025 AD

The countdown to the mass production of autonomous cars has begun Рmuch sooner than most experts expected. Klaus Fr̦hlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development, outlines his strategy.

.....In addition to Continental and Delphi, Fröhlich has now secured Magna as another Tier 1 supplier for the non-exclusive cooperation: "Three suppliers are sufficient for now, otherwise it will be too complex at some point. And we are assuming that the partnering with other car manufacturers has only just begun." Such a global network is important he says given that autonomous driving regulation will be in constant interplay with the progress of technical systems over the next 20 years. "At some point, all vehicles will use the same driverless technology. That's why we don’t think it makes sense to try to differentiate in the long term."...

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