Sunday, December 17, 2017

Substance & Bitcoin

This is a chart of Bitcoin. As an understatement, it's getting a bit ahead of itself. I do expect this to decline substantially.

This is what happens when a lot of people see the value of something that is in limited supply. 

There is ZERO intrinsic value in a bitcoin, except that some people have decided it's valuable.

Some people have started to talk it up -- told tales about where it's going that are fantastic. (It will be a million dollars in a few years!!)

MicroVision is a stock issue that has very limited supply. (really, it does.)

It actually HAS value --- It will be producing key components in multiple emerging and disruptive technologies:  (see disruption here)

  • ADAS / Self Driving Cars / 3D Scanning
  • The Internet of things
  • Augmented Reality (Auto HUD / AR Glasses)
  • Mobile Computing
Even if you're REALLY dubious of MicroVision. Buy 100 shares, forget about it. Look in a few years. This is something that will gain a lot in the market that has real, actual tangible value.

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