Monday, April 30, 2018

New MVIS Presentation.

I've sought permission to cut and past from it (new sheriff in town.) They would prefer that I not select items out of context.

Link to new Presentation. (4/27/18) It will download a .pdf file.

Page 5-9: As I have asserted: Targeting LARGE EMERGING Technologies. (Notice Google HOME on p6)

P7 -- Consumer LiDAR -- specifically mentioning HOME SECURITY.
P8 -- Automotive LiDAR -- 

P9 -- AR, MR, VR (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality) -- all of them. The amount of work going into building an ecosystem for this from FB, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung, Meta, Magic Leap, SNAP, Sony, HTC & Others (Motley Fool)

P10 -- illustrates how small and useful the technology can be. (Interactive displays literally ANYWHERE. -- remember that focus and heat aren't really a problem. (and if you go to page 17, you will see that the touch interactive portion (the IR laser) will be integrated with the projector. Alignment of touch-sensitivity and the image will NOT be a problem.)

(A couple pages of how it works. I saw once a high-speed video of PicoP in action, showing a single laser dot zinging back and forth to make a picture. I wish I had that still.)

P18: By Name Mentions: Mentions personal assistants, their functions, their voice accuracy (not as accurate as users reading and touching) Highlighting service delivery improvements with visual and touch and mentioning four companies and their personal assistants by name

  • Google
  • Cortana (Microsoft)
  • Siri (Apple)
  • Amazon Alexa

P21 -- this is awesome. Last week they announced a new mems, with much higher resolution.

Here they're showing a LiDAR that's the volume of three bucks worth of quarters. (Home Security, Self Driving Cars & other applications look like they'll be fairly easy.)

P22-23 Benefits, including speed, improved recognition, small size & Low cost.

P25 The AR, VR, MR optical engine. (I've personally tried everything else I could lay my hands on out there, (missing Magic Leap) and find them all lacking next to MVIS's "NOMAD."

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