Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spectrum & CC

Henry James Okay. Okay. And then one last question. I think -- or at least I've read or heard that you guys have at least a sort of display product for project and sense at the same time. I don't know if you can tell us anything about that.

Perry M. Mulligan - MicroVision, Inc. - CEO & Director

That is our interactive display, Henry.

So think of the scenario -- and when we talk about the I/O for AI, I'm not trying to be cute with acronyms. But if you think of being in the home environment and we talk about a suite of solutions,

think of our display engine embedded in your voice-only device. So that as you shave in the morning not only do you listen to the news, you see it displayed on the washroom wall, and that becomes a little bit more meaningful experience. 

As you walk down the hall towards the kitchen, our sensing device knows it's you that's walking down the hall. It adjusts the coffee and turns the lights on appropriately. 

And then an interactive display that's invisible, but when you call it up, it comes out as an Alexa-type device or something of that nature that allows you to interact with it because of the sensing capabilities, gesture recognition and then disappears when it's not required. 

So we really see this as sort of a suite of solution that helps AI platforms with their user interface.

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