Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Zuckerberg -- Front of Drudge

This picture from the front of Drudge Report 4/4/18

  • Ready Player One describes precisely what MVIS does ( Regarded as the must-read for people at FB working on VR & AR)
  • Microvision has the best AR display (I've tried everything available to try at CES, MVIS's offering beat everything else that was available.)
  • Oculus Haptic Glove
  • "Data Mining Scandal" had no meaningful impact on the company

  • Facebook stock rose nearly 4 percent in premarket trading Thursday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters he had not seen a noticeable change in user behavior in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

    "I don't think there has been any meaningful impact we've observed," Zuckerberg said, when asked if the tech giant has seen a change in the behavior of users or buying pattern of advertisers.

Zuckerberg Last spring (4/18/17)

“You want to play a board game? You snap your fingers, and here’s the board game,” he said, motioning to the coffee table. “You want to watch TV?” he gestured to the flat screen up on the wall. “You don’t need a physical hardware TV, you buy a one-dollar app ‘TV’ and put it on the wall.”
Zuckerberg hasn’t figured out a way to conjure physical objects out of thin air. Instead he has plans to produce digital objects using software-powered glasses, the kind of futuristic lenses that can overlay digital text and images onto the physical world around you.
The technology, referred to as augmented reality, is already around, though in a much simpler form. It’s the same technology that powers Facebook’s (and Snapchat’s) face-distorting camera lenses, and helped propel Pok√©mon Go into a cultural phenomenon.
Somewhere down the line, Zuckerberg said, augmented reality will be a big part of Facebook, too. That vision was laid out today at the company’s annual developer conference, F8, in San Jose, Calif., just 20 miles down the road from Facebook’s corporate headquarters.

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