Sunday, June 10, 2018

Could it be this simple?

Thanks Walt

If you're relatively new to following MicroVision, you may think this is a gigantic leap. I would understand that, but inclusion in something with Amazon is no leap at all.

If you've been paying attention for a long time, it's seemed that there's been something cooking between MVIS and Amazon. 

Five years ago we saw this prototype at the ASM with an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. 

I have no idea if laser projection is in here, but it sure is looking good, and if it's for this device, that would be poetic.

 (Remember that MVIS recently sent out higher resolution samples, and from the ASM we learned that the 10 Million exclusive is restricted to the 720P version of the engine.... so it could be that the higher resolution is destined for a device like this.)

Below are videos from the 2013 ASM, where PicoP made an appearance in an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

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