Monday, June 18, 2018

The Future of Near Eye Displays

I've tried on a lot of near-eye displays. None of them even get close to having the display quality Microvision is able to pull off.

This will be amazing, and improve a lot of lives.  -- Because it can make people much more useful almost instantly -- by showing us what to do, accessing information while our hands are full, or calling for backup when we need it.

Urban Hub

The new face of reliable elevator maintenance

The building manager is anxious – she wants an update. In front of the elevator she finds a technician, a metallic band and shaded glasses partially covering his face, he moves his hands through empty space. Wait – are we in a film? No. This is the real-life story of modern service, coming soon to an elevator near you.
The technician wears Microsoft HoloLens, mixed-reality glasses. This new tool places all the data culled using digital technology directly at the disposal of over 24,000 service engineers. Linked with the Azure IoT-enabled predictive maintenance service MAX, HoloLens will fully bring elevator maintenance services into a new era of optimal reliability.

Most of us, by now have probably used a YouTube Video to learn to do a specific thing.  I recently used this video and saved myself 120 miles of driving a three week wait and about $300.

This will be much better when each step can be done by a mechanic as you watch through their eyes. When you can troubleshoot it at the same time and highlight and point to the right parts on the machine while you're doing it. (the software will be able to tell if the bolt you're working on is stuck, or if you're trying to turn it the wrong way.) Thysenkrup 

Health care can be much improved when a surgeon can take combined imagery from MRI, x-rays and CAT scans, combined into a single 3D model. That's coming. That was the demo of the Hololens I saw, and it was amazing.

The displays I've seen so far leave a lot to be desired, the Microvision display was the best I've seen.

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