Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hololens -- MS Power User, Patent, etc.

A few people have forwarded this link to me and the link from the Reddit board about this patent.


"Microsoft has not made it a secret that they are working on HoloLens v2, and has been explicit about the improved Holographic Processing Unit and improved Kinect-based Depth Sensing Unit.

What Microsoft has not talked about much however has been the optics of the device, but now a new patent suggests Microsoft may have achieved the breakthrough they have been after."


..... display engine 140 which emits image light in a step 300 that is modulated on a pixel-by-pixel basis by the controller 124. In embodiments, the display engine 140 may be a commercially available assembly, such as for example the PicoP™ display engine from Microvision, Inc. of Redmond, Wash.

I appreciate the enthusiasm and being alerted to things, but this doesn't change my outlook at all. (because of course we're eventually going to be in there.) I've appreciated all the tips from a lot of people over a period of years.

Microvision produces the best near eye displays out there, so of course they're going to use it -- and so are Apple, Facebook and Google... and Meta and Vuzix, and ODG and Magic Leap....

This is is another bit of evidence being added to an already large amount of evidence that supports the idea that Microvision will be included in Hololens and other AR/MR devices.

(There are already many patents from Microsoft that cite Microvision's PicoP display... and many from other places)

Object Centric Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality to XBox

Microvision's near eye displays are going to dominate, because they're the best.

At CES I made an effort to try every near eye display out there. Some are pretty good -- but I've also tried Microvision's (Microvision's OLD display --- and it blows away everything else out there. They aren't even close.)

I've tried Hololens in its current form. I've tried Meta, Vuzix, Epson, ODG, at least two forms of Oculus, and the Skully Helmet.  (The only one I wanted to try that I haven't been able to is Magic Leap)

As far as the display is concerned what they're showing SUCKS next to MicroVision's near eye display. 

Laser is the solution. Ghosting is a serious problem and Microvision solves that.

Those companies that are building Augmented Reality and Mixed reality. -- They're working on interface, content, etc. Microvision is going to be the display everywhere because it's the best. It's that simple.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft.... Vuzix, Skully, ODG, Meta.. they're all going to use Microvision's displays. 

They're ALL working on products that need near eye displays. 

The technology and software they have developed is amazing. None of these devices is just a display, they're all surrounding technology. They need a better display though. 

The breadcrumbs clearly lead in this direction. The evidence has been building for a long time.

Apple Augmented Reality Inclusions
Apple AR Glasses 
Injuries at Apple?
1000 Apple Engineers working on AR

We can thank our previous CEO for having the vision and the determination to cook all this up and make it happen.

AR CAN'T FAIL. There's all this hesitation about whether or not people will actually adopt it. Just three days ago I posted about why it CAN'T fail. 

It makes people WAY more productive. 
The games will be stunning.

That's all we need.

BTW Sharp/Foxconn (my best guess and I'm fairly confident in it) is going to make tons of phones and other devices with projection. (TV that fits in your pocket?) The first generation that they have the exclusive contract for, is going to make entertainment and education available to billions of people.

SURFACE PHONE <--- click="" i="" link---="" mentions="" on="" phone="" previous="" urface="">
More from Microsoft? Check the Surface Phone. (LOOK AT IT) -- And look at it.

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