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A Project Ara Wishlist

March 27, 2014

DIY smartphone Project Ara: What are your specs?

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So we’ve seen Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship phone. There’s also Sony’s Xperia Z2 and even the All-new HTC One. With these companies giving us a set of fixed specs, I say forget about all the hoopla for a second and instead, you tell us what you want to see in your smartphone when Google’s DIY Project Ara comes to fruition.
I’ll get this started. Here’s how I want my Project Ara:
4.7-inch body
1920 x 1080 display
20MP rear camera with Xenon flash and night vision
5MP wide-angle front camera
4K video recording
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
64GB internal memory
Stereo speakers
Pico projector
2 x 2500mAh battery
Since I’m more of a multimedia guy, I want my specs to lean more towards imaging capabilities. I’d prefer a 20MP rear camera with 4K video capabilities and a Xenon bulb so I could effectively capture clear and blur-free images even at night, with the option of night vision widely-seen on Sony’s handycams. To share them, I’d get a Pico projector of some sort to easily show my latest photos or short films to my friends. Also, two battery modules to hot-swap!
The point of this article (besides publicly day-dreaming about our fantasy phones) is so that we realize the possibility of the future of smartphones as early as today. Google’s Project Ara is now undergoing developer conferences and could come early 2015 – which is just a year from now.
Would it be a hit to consumers like you? How much would it affect other smartphone manufacturers? Would their strategy change? If so, how? Only time will tell.

Conceivable you could double up on wifi modules for faster through put. Even something like an ethernet module could help you tie into a local nas.

Did you see the phone that Google is using to map 3d environments? You could do that with an additional module instead of a whole new device.

There's companies, mainly in professional fields, working on creating things like scanners for blood sugar. People with diabetes won't have to carry around another piece of hardware with them.

Boom sound and a pico projector for doing presentations. Being able to add an LTE module or a whitespace module would be great and would allow even faster iteration of tech.

You work at a sensitive place of work? Remove the camera and you can still have your own phone. Slide in your work module and you don't have to carry a second work phone.

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