Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More about the new Land Rover and Laser Tech

Discovery Vision Concept hints at Land Rover’s next-gen 4WD capabilities

If the Discovery Vision Concept’s tech-laden interior and exterior features moved the game too far away for a Land Rover traditionalist, then the effort put into the concept’s off-road capabilities should bring them swooning back.

The Discovery Vision Concept features the latest in Land Rover’s off-road thinking, with Remote Control Drive being a particular highlight.

Operated via the removable secondary rotary dial housed in the centre console, or via a smartphone or tablet app linked to the car’s encrypted WiFi, Remote Control Drive promises to assist in the toughest of conditions, for example when judging if the vehicle can squeeze between that rock and the hard place.

Land Rover also highlights its broader application, when coupling to a trailer or driving through gates.

A ‘vision’ of what the app would look like displayed a digital steering wheel, which the controller operated with their fingertips.  Forward and reverse options were also available.

Cameras are also used to create what Land Rover calls a transparent bonnet. Under-grille cameras record the terrain passing underneath and project it onto the vehicle’s heads-up display, creating the illusion of a see-through bonnet.
The Discovery Vision Concept’s front foglights can emit infrared lasers that can be deployed to scan the approaching terrain, providing the driver with a mapped image on an interior screen to better prepare for potential hazards.

When in trouble, the laser technology can also project visible images onto the road, alerting others to any issues – think emergency triangle or caution sign.

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