Friday, April 18, 2014

New Patent -- & Rare editorial Comment

Tiny Projectors are going to be EVERYWHERE. 

We are a visual data dependent society and getting more so. Whether that data is text or video information, tiny projectors are how we're going to get that information from our increasingly powerful (and shrinking in size) portable computers.

This patent is just another example of how video can be usefully delivered just where it is needed.

Will Microvision dominate the tiny projector market? Maybe. Will they get enough to make the holders of their stock wealthy? Almost certainly yes. -- end editorial comment --


On-board tool tracking system and methods of computer assisted surgery
WO 2013052187 A2

A number of improvements are provided relating to computer aided surgery utilizing an on tool tracking system. The various improvements relate generally to both the methods used during computer aided surgery and the devices used during such procedures. Other improvements relate to the structure of the tools used during a procedure and how the tools can be controlled using the OTT device. Still other improvements relate to methods of providing feedback during a procedure to improve either the efficiency or quality, or both, for a procedure including the rate of and type of data processed depending upon a CAS mode.


Microvision specifically is mentioned several times:
"Projector" is mentioned 180 times.

[00073] The final subsystem is an indicator to provide the surgeon with OTT CAS appropriate outputs related to when his movement of the tool, as well as in relation is to the intended resection within a real time OTT CAS step. The indicator can be any variety of means to align/locate the surgical path with the intended resection: a panel of lights that sign directions to correct the surgeon, a speaker with audio instructions, a screen, touchscreen or iPhone or iPAd like device (i.e., a so-called "smartphone") on the OTT equipped tool displaying 3d representation of the tool and the patient with added guide imagery or a digital projection (eg. by a picoprojector) onto the patient's anatomy of the appropriate location of a resection. The indicator serves to provide an appropriate OTT CAS output to guide the surgeon to make the right resection based on real time information.

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