Sunday, November 23, 2014

iPod Touch 6th Generation

My speculation has been for some time that SONY and Apple would be cooperating, and that the ideal device for them would be an AppleTV / iPod / PicoP combo (or they'll come up with something really unique!).... so this kind of rumoring is something I find interesting. 

Rumors are rumors, however. We can't count on them being accurate. They're worth noticing but ignoring until there are a lot of them.  When there are a lot of agreeing rumors, the accuracy of the rumors seems to improve considerably. 

Latino Post

Stabley Times reported that the new iPod touch is long overdue -- it should have arrived in September along with the new iPhones, if the Cupertino giant's traditional patterns were followed. The outlet believed the delay has something to do with size. Allegedly, the performance of larger iPhones determines the company's move in deciding how large the next iPod touch will be.

Top speculators have been eyeing a March 2015 release for the iPod touch 6, said Air Herald. The source mentioned that the device has been used only to tease consumers back in October!

Yet Customs Today noted that Apple has only been dealing with technical issues. The outlet said the device hits shelves "soon," and we can only hope that it isn't too late. Could a Christmas release be possible?

After all, BREATHEcast said the iPod touch 6 may arrive before 2015. Such speculation is expected if Apple announces the device prior to Thanksgiving. Take note: "before 2015" means anytime between this writing and exploding firecrackers. It's just, soon!

From our current information, it appears that discrepancy in speculations comes in terms of the device's processor. Let it be known (again) that the iPod touch is not an iPhone -- the device functions more of a portable media companion, although it shares some similarities in terms of OS functionality.



Air Herald
 Now the top speculators say the device will come out in March of 2015 instead. Cupertino, the company behind a good part of its development is said to be working on making sure the bugs are worked out.
No real specs have come out about the device but the rumor mill is quite abuzz. Stories of a 4 inch Retina Display along with the rear mounted iSight Camera and that the device will have a dual core A5 processor. It might also have larger storage, a radio app, Apple Pay.
Whatever the final specs are, the iPod Touch 6 is sure to be loaded for bear but be affordable and less complex than the iPhone 6. 
Overall, Apple has to deliver on this device. Not just ride off the Apple name, but to be a device that stands on its own. The features and apps and such have to be top notch as well as easy to operate and as bug free as possible. There’ slots of time for Apple to fine tune this device before release and it’s a good bet they’ll be analyzing ever bit of fan data they can. They know that fans want certain options and features and if the iPad doesn’t have them, Apple will do whatever they can to include them. 

"The iPod Touch 6th Generation release date is still pretty tricky because of the fact that it's already veered off from what was suspected to be its launch schedule, but there's still some reasons why you should expect it in the fall. "

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