Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sony IR Electronics Presentation

There is good stuff for Microvision in there if you listen closely!

Listen here: http://www.irwebcasting.com/20141125/10/bddd76d1db/mov/main/index.html

From about 53:00 - 55:40. This is an answer from one of the Sony execs. Translated.. it's difficult to listen to.

An executive from Sony doesn't say TV's form factor "might" change, unless he knows it's going to change. The Japanese avoid specific direct language -- this is about the same as slapping you in the face and saying "everything is about to change."

"and the display is becoming bigger, and most of the homes do not have sufficient place to set the large screen TVs, but the TV's shape and dimensions might change because of the technological development. So, in the future TV forms might be different from the conventional form and it will provide ease of use to customers and all sorts of programs can be shown. and the difference between displays and TV, large display is called "signage" what we aim at, is TV incorporates entertainment, it's not just looking at information.  On TV you can enjoy content -- being immersed. So I hope you will have high  expectations of new TVs we would like to launch. Sony visual products we did not use name TV as part of the company name  because we would like to address that sort of challenge of creating new TVs." 

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