Wednesday, November 26, 2014

iPod Touch 6g before year end? -- UPDATED

Still most of the rumoring articles about the iPod 6G speak of a March release. If I needed to place bets, I'd be expecting a March release, just based on the amount of suspicion that it's the time. (And when most of the rumor mill gets onboard for an Apple rumor, the accuracy increases dramatically.)

This morning (December 1) I found this article. What is interesting about it to me is that's it's hyping the release -- without giving any detail at all. I suspect someone knows that something new and different is included. (If you've been following this blog at all, you know that one of my pet theories is an AppleTV / iPod / PicoP hybrid device.)

Make of it what you will.

iPod Touch 6G: You May Want To Wait For It

"The iPod Touch might not be as popular as the iPhones and iPads but pretty soon from now, everybody would want to own the device. This is after more rumours on the iPod Touch 6G came out to suggest that the device is going to be amazing." 

--- Which is not the kind of reporting you do, if it's just an iPhone 6 without the phone part.


"...But the most compelling evidence points to the fact that if Apple were to introduce and manufacture a new iPod touch 6th generation model based on the same design and components as the iPhone 6, it would harm production of the new iPhone at a time when keeping up with demand is crucial for long term iOS market growth. That means the minute the light appears at the end of the tunnel an iPhone supply has caught up to demand, Apple can safely put the iPod touch 6 into production and launch it days or weeks later. Therefore our conclusion is that there is still a strong possibility that the new iPod touch will see its release date before 2014 is over, even though the timing could force some would-be customers to turn into last minute shoppers."

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