Monday, November 7, 2016

Translated from Japanese -- Thanks Joe.

This came across the desk last night. Translated from the Japanese.
Thanks Joe! 

SOURCE:  -- More at the source (Japanese)

Product information 1

PicoP® laser beam scanning technology allows a large image in a small engine.3D sensing function in a focus-free also built in.
PicoP® laser scanning technology
MicroVision of PicoP® laser beam scanning technology offers a variety of solutions to display and 3D sensing.

Laser beam scanning (LBS) system of its own development is creating a large, bright high-resolution image from a small display of the mobile terminal, to renew the car dashboard, and also or to significantly improve the working process.

In addition, the light source and the mounted display of significant AR / VR of the recent development, can be applied to the measurement device of image capture / 3D sensing.

PicoP® laser beam scanning technology has built a lot of features in its small engine.

And high-definition focus-free images, vivid colors and high contrast (80,000: 1)
, Low power consumption and ultra-thin 6mm
And cooling fan unnecessary and quiet, short-throw-keystone correction · 3D sensing function (measurement, interactive operation)
And low latency

PicoP® laser beam scanning technology is the size of the future is always to lead the industry to improve engine performance as it is, we will continue to provide advanced solutions to the world to continue the transformation.
Product information 2
Laser Beam Scanning Platform
■ super single distance projection laser projector

It can be projected with a big screen without trapezoidal distortion in projection from close range.

Projected from a projector placed in table to the wall surface from the projector installed in the projection-wall on the table

■ 3D sensor
Equipped with a infrared semiconductor laser is scanned in PicoP® projector, by detecting the reflected light from the illuminated region by the photodiode, the two-dimensional coordinates of the object of the scanning region makes it possible to obtain in real time. Furthermore, it is possible to calculate the distance to an object by measuring the time from the emission to detect the reflected light (Time Of Flight).

■ PicoHUD
And high brightness, high contrast, large viewing angle, completely see-through and low heat generation by the laser light source 
Product information 3
[Reference exhibit] Kantatsu Co., Ltd. Mr.
PCB printer

The world's first device with integrated circuit printers and 3D printer!

· Anyone easily added to that can be created, three-dimensional adding a circuit pattern circuit patterns in the structure is the structure that was created in the creation possible · 3D printer circuit patterns on the solder resist and the mechanical structure of the circuit pattern 

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