Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What an Epic Short Squeeze looks like

This is what happens when a lot of people are short the stock and no one is selling.

One Dollar per share in August $73 yesterday, and will probably open at over $100 this morning.

Given that the fundamentals of Microvision have just announced a profound and positive fundamental change -- and sellers aren't very common, it won't surprise me if this is a story soon told about Microvision.

Once word gets out about product releases, there will be a lot of Microvision buyers and even fewer sellers. This is, after all, a company with no debt, that is straddling three things that have gigantic growth and earnings potential

The squeezing will begin soon maybe now, maybe a few months from now, but it will happen.

DryShips (DRYS) soared some 70% in Tuesday trading and has risen some 1,500% over the past week as one of the most spectacular short squeezes the market has witnessed in a long time grips this unique investment vehicle.

DryShips shares jumped 70.3% to $73 Tuesday on a huge volume surge. More than 10 million shares changed hands -- some 20 times the stock's average daily volume of less than 500,000. DRYS had been as high as $102 earlier in the session and is up from just $4.56 a share at last Tuesday's close.
It's a remarkable turn of events for a stock that was trading just above $1 a share as recently as August. However, quite a lot has transpired since this unusual stock hit its summer lows.

That isn't to say DryShips' rally is purely a function of the short-sellers market. While it is largely that, bets on the direction of overseas-shipping pricing have expanded sharply since last week's U.S. presidential election.

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