Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vuzix Glasses -- Microdisplay

People who know me, know that I say "I don't know" a lot.

This is an "I don't know" post. Something cool MAY be Microvision's near-eye display in action, might not be. I don't know.

There are a couple of things I DO know. 

First, this is just released by Vuzix.

Second, Vuzix HAD a partnership kind of relationship with Intel, and now doesn't have a partnership relationship with Intel. I have no idea why. There are a number of theories being batted around among the folks I talk to about this -- some of the theories if true, would be meaningfully positive for Microvision, some meaningfully negative, a few neutral. As I have no idea which theory if any of them are close to reality, I'm not going to post any. 

Third.. Vuzix DOES use Microvision's displays, but doesn't exclusively use Microvision's displays. (as far as we know.) The proof of this is in the 10K filing, which is linked to below.

From Street Insider

From Vuzix 10K

We currently purchase almost all of the microdisplays used in our products from Kopin and Microvision. Our relationship with these microdisplay suppliers is generally on a purchase order basis and neither firm has a contractual obligation to provide adequate supply or acceptable pricing to us on a long-term basis. We procure a small percentage of our microdisplays from other sources such as Syndiant and Texas Instruments. While we do not manufacture our components, we own the tooling that is used to make our custom components with the exception of certain authentication chips and connectors that may be required to support industry standard device connectivity. We believe that we are not dependent on our relationships with any supplier other than Kopin or Microvision. Kopin before we sold the defense divisions had also been a significant customer of our night vision display electronics modules and owns just under 3% of our common stock. Some of our accessory products are sourced from third parties as finished goods. We typically have them print our Vuzix brand name on these products of they are co-branded. Such third party products represented less than 5% of our sales in 2015.

Kopin's Website

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