Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wave of New Nokia Handsets

Nokia, as I recall was the company that was getting a factory in Vietnam going, right around the time this blog had a traffic spike from Vietnam a few months ago.

Still watching.

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Once the de facto champion in the worldwide mobile phone market, Nokia has been virtually wiped out from competition over the past few years by rivals like Samsung, Apple, and the likes. However, despite its tragic downfall, the Finnish company is in no mood to call it a day.

According to reports, Nokia, under its new management, is preparing to make a grand comeback in the smartphone arena next year. HMD Global, the company that bought the rights to launch Nokia phones, will be fully in charge of manufacturing, advertising, and selling the handsets.


However, new reports have revealed that HMD Global intends to first kick start a huge marketing campaign for the for the forthcoming products. This essentially means that we should rather expect the first wave of Nokia phones only in 2017.

Worth noting, HMD Global has chosen Mother as the lead global agency for the first wave of Nokia phones. The deal between the two companies may have already been finalized.

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