Sunday, July 2, 2017

More about Voga V

Right around $500. Good for sales. 

Promoting the large laser screen as good for the eyes.

Promoted for gaming and video viewing.


VOGA V laser projection phone release break the phone screen border
SmartphoneYouth Bolshevik2017-06-29

  On the opening day of the 2017 MWC Shanghai show, we saw a new mobile phone release at the show, VOGA V laser projection phone. VOGA V is a sub-brand of green orange mobile phone, positioning is a flagship model.

  The back of the phone has a fine polished, holding the hands of no feeling of separation, the back of the camera is very recognizable, in a circular on the segmentation, flashing lights are located in the central axis position.

  The camera looks no small, but there is no obvious bulge, although there is a lamp holding, but the thickness of the machine control at 10mm, weighs only 203g, 188g than the iPhone 7 Plus not much.

  Let's take a look at the specific parameters:

5.5 inch 1080p resolution display

Equipped with MediaTek eight-core processor

4000mAh battery

4GB + 64GB, 4GB + 128GB memory combination

800W + 1300W pixel camera combination

  The main function of this phone is that it's projection capability, the top of the phone has an opening, which has a small projection lamp, you can project images in the plane.

  According to the official introduction, this projection lamp uses a more advanced three-color laser technology, with a look of the structure, a bit like submarine's periscope. This design allows the phone in a smaller size can cast a clear image, the phone on the 1.8 meters away from the wall position, you can see the 70-inch screen.

  It has automatic keystone correction (up and down) and auto focus function, the maximum can support four hours of playback, a resolution of 720p. Exhibition set the experience area, although not all black environment, but the screen brightness is also good, you can see very clear.

  Watching the game did not appear on the screen of Caton, in my half an hour of time experience, the phone did not heat a serious situation, this must be praise.

  Projection in the screen contrast and saturation also has a very good parameter, in different planes can work properly, so no need to be equipped with a special screen, pull the curtains during the day, in the white walls will be able to watch.

  The phone can still be used after the black screen, when you slide on the screen, the projection of the interface will appear a computer mouse to facilitate more accurate positioning.

  Support the multiplayer game, although the location of the camera led to the normal play "King glory" and other games, but it supports tools such as hand, to the possibility of multiplayer games, can increase the interaction of the game.

  This laser projection phone is particularly suitable for business people, without cable, will be able to PPT and copy of the show, which in efficiency, than the phone to a table of people one by one to see more convenient.

  To be able to cast the phone there is another benefit, we know that the phone screen will be scattered blue, after a long time, for the eyesight and eyes will cause irreversible damage, and now most of the children is also a mobile phone.

  If there is VOGA V this projection phone, projection of the screen and the screen from the luminous essential difference, it is a diffuse imaging, the screen is not flickering, can effectively reduce the blue light, thus protecting eyesight.

  System is based on Android N independent research and development of the os system, we can see it on the home page has a big button, the projection of the priority placed in a very high position.

  VOGA V provides a special bracket that allows the phone to adjust the projection angle on the table, but it is a pity that the VOGA V is not equipped with a waterproof function, so it is necessary to be careful when using it, The projection lamp is affected.

  Price, 4GB +64 GB flagship price of 3699 yuan, 4GB +128 GB version of Juejue package version price of 4,999 yuan, there are 5 different colors optional.

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