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Voga V Review

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Mobile phone new game VOGA V laser projection phone evaluation
2017-07-20 Source: New Jinhai official website editor: New Jinhai entertainment official website

Nowadays, "projection" has become a hot word, from the beginning of the projector to the projection TV, projection has become a living and working in the meat and potatoes. In fact, the key to the beginning of the projection is portable. Such as laser projection TV, it will not be the same as ordinary TV placed here basically do not move, and laser projection TV you can take away anytime, anywhere. Therefore, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are now on the phone to join the projection function, so that the phone instantly incarnate the big screen. June 28, Shanghai MWC, the mobile phone manufacturers Green Orange released its new laser projection phone VOGA V, and now this phone came to the mobile phone home editorial department, let us take a look at this phone today.

VOGA is the brand of Orange Orange's brand, positioning "innovation, intellectual, technology" is designed to provide users with imaginative, high quality and highly personalized products, and today's VOGA V is its first product.

VOGA V machine with all-metal body, equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080P resolution screen, the surface covered with 2.5D curved glass. The bottom does not set the button, but the use of the virtual button on the screen settings, and the fingerprint on the back.

As a result of the use of all-metal body, the back of the common three-stage design, while the back of the two sides also carried out the arc treatment to enhance the grip when the feel.

The most prominent back is its camera, similar to the previous Nokia WP period and Moto Oreo shape. According to the official introduction of green orange, VOGA V camera with a tourbillon streamer design, by 10 layers of craft to create the tourbillon streamer lens, turn the phone will have a different luster, or very beautiful. The camera is below the fingerprint module.

VOGA V uses a USB charging interface. As a result of positioning the laser projection phone , therefore, VOGA V mobile phone at the top of its projection area.

Due to the increase in the projection module, is bound to increase the consumption of mobile phone power. Therefore, VOGA V is equipped with a 4000mAh large capacity battery, so the machine size reached 153.06 * 75.64 * 10.28mm, weight reached 203g, relative to the current mobile phone is still relatively heavy, but taking into account its unique Of the projection function, but also reasonable.

VOGA V machine appearance is also a lot of use of the CNC bright edge cutting, the upper and lower border, fingerprint area, the camera around, make the phone looks a lot of fine. VOGA V mobile phone is not thin, but the overall still gives a more comfortable feeling.

System projection

As a positioning for a projection phone, it can be said VOGA V system is designed around the projection and specially designed to build. And its carrying is based on Andrews 7.0 version of the VOGA custom UI system.

First talk about the same, the whole system uses a rounded rectangular icon, the interface looks very neat. At the same time, the operating logic and general mobile phone is no different, it is easy to get started.

In addition, VOGA V fingerprints in addition to unlock, but also support the answer phone, fingerprint camera, encrypted files. At the same time, Macau Galaxy official website , multiple clicks can also open the application, different clicks can open different applications, support up to four clicks. At the same time, can also support sliding open applications, this feature is still relatively new, skilled after more convenient.


Then talk about VOGA V phone's main function: projection. According to the official introduction, VOGA V uses MEMS laser projection technology, compared with the traditional DLP technology, MEMS has a clear imaging, no focus, high color saturation and low power consumption and other advantages. At the same time, VOGA V mobile phone biggest feature for the built-in projection module, you can project through the three-color laser interface, the formation of a clear image.

At the same time, MEMS without focusing technology greatly enhance the use of experience, but also support smart keystone correction. In addition, compared with DLP technology, MEMS also has a high contrast, reaching 5000: 1, so that the picture more clearly. Saturation, the official introduction, MEMS reached 150%, can make the screen look more vivid.

In order to have a longer projection time, VOGA V built-in 4000mAh capacity battery, the official propaganda can be projected 4 hours, continuous playback of two large. The projection screen, the official description of the distance from the wall 1.8 meters, can cast about 70 inches screen.

Function, VOGA V in addition to projection video, but also projection documents, pictures, games, etc., to meet the work, life and entertainment needs.

Open the VOGA V, the first screen in addition to the first screen DOCK, there is no other icon, you can see a similar shape with the camera circle. Above for the English "Laser Projector: laser projection" back camera also has this logo, showing that this is a laser projection phone.

Click on the circle icon, will come out of the document, video, gallery, game and projection settings, click on the icon to go to the appropriate application. Of course, these related applications also have a separate icon.

And long press to open / close the projection, this open and close the way is still very simple.

When you open the projection, the phone will appear at the border of a "+" icon, click on the right side of the border will appear closed projection, quick settings, recording, handle connection, DND, projection sharing, business card and other functions. Turn off the projection will disappear.

For the projection, VOGA V also developed a similar "game sharing" function, in a "Po Orange Game City" application, the user can download the favorite game, and then use the phone or handle and other equipment to connect the right side of the two-dimensional code , You can join the game, very interesting.

At the same time, in the projection, the phone screen, the finger slide on the screen in the projection screen will appear a mouse, can replace the finger model click operation, while the phone is equivalent to a touchpad.

At the same time, in the projection, the phone screen, the finger slide on the screen in the projection screen will appear a mouse, can replace the finger model click operation, while the phone is equivalent to a touchpad.

Camera, VOGA V laser projection phone with 8 million +13 million pixel camera combination. Support auto focus, panoramic camera, slow motion, face landscaping and other functions, but also supports HDR high dynamic lighting rendering technology.

Through the proofs can be seen, VOGA V camera overall feeling is good, 13 million pixels to bring the high resolution of the screen has a wealth of details of the performance. At the same time, in the white balance, VOGA V adjustment is still OK, there is no obvious cold or warm phenomenon. Night also has a good tolerance, noise control is also the ideal price. As a whole, most of the scenes are still not a problem. And for those who usually like friends and microblogging users VOGA V camera performance is not to mention.

Performance, VOGA V equipped with MediaTek MT6750T eight-core processor, 4GB +64 GB storage portfolio. Configuration is not outstanding. I use VOGA V demo a game, "King of glory," the whole did not Caton, dropped frames and other phenomena, or very smooth, the whole maintained at 29, 28 levels, to cope with most of the daily situation is not a problem.

Life, the front has been mentioned, in order to maintain a long projection, VOGA V equipped with a high-capacity 4000mAh battery, in addition to projection, such a battery capacity if the usual moderate use, the day is basically not a problem.


Summary: VOGA V is a major difference in the product. Has its own special product positioning, and this in the appearance of the phone, the system and so on a lot of effort. Put in the product, the projection and mobile phone combination, to create the most convenient projection equipment, this alone, it has been attractive enough. Imagine you can carry a projection device with you, really cool. And more importantly, it can not only project, or a cell phone!

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