Wednesday, November 15, 2017


CES 2018 is in a couple of months. Goertek was at work last year there. Turns out it may be useful to stop by their booth in January. 

Goertek at 2017 CES  (PR NEWSWIRE -- SOURCE)

Unmanned System Layout and Planning

As per capita disposable income increase has led to more adoption of the Internet of Things, human-computer interaction and other technology will go through rapid iterations of advancement with robots and other unmanned systems accelerating the development pace in the industry. Goertek maintains its core competence with market trends by active planning of unmanned system layout and development. In the field of robot development, Goertek hasbrought office assistant, home assistant, and technology enthusiast robotic product solutions. Products such as theRobot Bell office assistant, a compact robot capable of flexible movement can achieve simple operation through voice control to send and receive messages, schedule customization and reminders with micro-projection and interactive functions. In the UAV drone category, Goertek has also brought mainstream consumer UAV product solutions.

From components to integrated one-stop services, Goertek has a wealth of high-quality electronic components, with vertical integration to build system and accessory products. In the CES exhibition area, Goertek has also brought its leading MEMS microphone, sensors, antennas, speakers, and receiver component products. Goertek is committed to providing the necessary components to build future systems for the Internet of Things.

Goertek Optical Components

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