Friday, November 3, 2017

The CC and aftermath.

Yesterday, after the conference call, I hit the road almost immediately. I discussed it with a friend over coffee, and was traveling then for the rest of the day.

I heard nothing to fear in that conference call, and a lot to be excited about.

--- I haven't had a chance to review and reference the CC, so If I'm getting anything wrong here, you're welcome to send a correction and I'll fix it the moment I can.

There were several new things, perhaps the upsetting thing would be that the 30-60 million guidance on the three engines is the low end of the guidance (FOR THAT PROJECT -- which many have seemed to miss.) by the end of next year.

  • The Development contract is going on (24 million is a big development project) and they added that the results of this development will apparently be available for MicroVision to exploit outside the agreement with whatever company this is. (I find that to be an enormous positive.)
  • There were "several" -- "A couple larger and a couple smaller" (assuming larger than, and smaller than Ragentek) orders that they were trying to get completed before the call, but they didn't make that timeline. (So I expect them soon -- Positive.)
  • The Engine #2 has changed places with Engine #3 in the timeline. I regard this as a neutral development. (Some may interpret it as negative, because the revenue timeline would be pushed back a quarter... I'm not looking at this company and its potential on a quarter by quarter basis, nor do I regard the upside in the stock price is going to be entirely dependent on the immediate revenue generation....I'm long term, and when the public gets excited about what this stuff can do, they'll overprice the hell out of it.)
  • Developments on the LiDAR engine sound fantastic.... much smaller, better, and the capabilities sound awesome.
  • TWO other development contracts completed... these usually end up with customers making orders, and the customers are happy with what they got.
  • The power & size advantages of MicroVision
  • While STM wasn't brought up specifically during the call, STM continues to highlight positively their relationship with MicroVision publicly.

Of those people I talk with about MicroVision on a regular basis, with the exception of one, they're either buying a lot more stock on this pull back or would be if they could. One gleefully selling stock in other companies to purchase MVIS, and one has said that when he gets back to even he's pulling the plug.

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