Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ADAS Presentation

New post on the displayground blog.

From Displayground (source)

The proliferation of ADAS has spawned headlines and interest in a variety of sensor technologies that enable vehicles to observe and understand their surroundings, and now similar opportunity is emerging inside the car for new sensors that can observe and understand the driver and passengers as well as provide intuitive control interfaces.

MicroVision’s Director of Product Engineering, Jari Honkanen, recently gave a presentation at FUTURECAR 2017 detailing how our Laser Beam Scanning technology for MEMS-based LiDAR solutions provides a unique approach that enables new 3D sensor capabilities in areas such as dynamic and variable resolution, acquisition speed, and field of view. These small and cost-effective MEMS-based LIDAR sensors can be applied to new innovative interior and exterior automotive applications benefiting from high-fidelity 3D depth sensing from short to medium distances.

Learn more by viewing the below slideshow.

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