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Voga V Sales...

So, while I'm on the road back home after a visit to the Midwest I get this link from Joe.

We had a bit of a discussion about the seemingly deliberate misinterpretations of the news from the Conference Call last week.

Anyway, this looks good, as always machine translations from Chinese aren't always terribly coherent, but this Google Translator version of this article seem pretty good.  --- SOURCE   (gathered all content)

We really can't tell anything from the sales records yet. (On the market only since August at all, and not yet available in Brazil according to my friend on the ground there.)

I've seen this phone in person, and I would dump my Sony Xperia phone for it in a hot second.

Double eleven online shopping Carnival is a step by step approached, but the business pre-sale war has already played in full swing, all kinds of coupons, shopping allowances, deposit inflatable play after another, we already tempted to share that chest chopped respect impulse , Pre-order is the most popular new hand chop posture. The phone as the highlight of the calendar year, it is locked in advance a lot of people's attention, including projection mobile phone is even more eye-catching.

Samsung, MOTO have been the forerunners in the field of projection phones, has introduced a number of Galaxy Beam projection phone products, and MOTO through the modular concept, the projector as a mobile phone accessories and continues today, and then in the field of projection phones Has a high voice, in June 2017 officially released domestic brand VOGA obviously belongs to a rising star, but with very different projection ideas and technical advantages, becoming the only mobile phone with MOTO rival projection mobile phone brand.

Of course, VOGA as a rising star in the market is still far behind the volume and the depth of the MOTO, but in this pre-war double 11 pre-war, VOGA is actually grab a MOTO limelight, a Double eleven cell phone pre-sale war in a dark horse. According to Taobao sales data shows, VOGA V laser projection phone ahead of the sale, in one fell swoop to capture the projected mobile phone pre-sale strategic high ground.

Why VOGA is particularly popular with everyone? This is related to the design concept of two projection phones. As a big brother in the mobile phone industry, there is a profound precipitation in the traditional mobile phones. MOTO has chosen to implement the projection function of the mobile phone through an external projection module. This method has higher flexibility and can be readily used in ordinary mobile phones and special mobile phones But also brought enough portability, extra burden and other issues; and VOGA V is taken directly to the projector module into the fuselage of the program, although a slight increase in the thickness of the machine, but a sense of unity, portability and more Strong, that is, cast whenever and wherever possible.

In addition, VOGA V also uses the latest MEMS laser projection technology, compared to the traditional DLP projection technology, MEMS laser projection continued features longer battery life, wide color gamut (NTSC up to 150%) contrast High (5000: 1), no focus, automatic keystone correction, etc. are also important technical highlights, all of which provide the technical basis for VOGA V's good user experience.

In addition, VOGA V also has a set of blue-orange mobile phone specifically designed for projection mobile phone VOGA UI system, such as the screen integrates a rapid projection switch, rapid selection of content and other projection features VR projector icon, ingenuity V The Laser Projector below the dot matrix announces the core features of projection phones. There are still can edit the document at any time, to share business cards and manipulate the presentation of a small assistant, such as out of control, air mouse, multiplayer and other special features, so that the projection phone more diversified gameplay.

Distance from the official start of the double eleven Although there are still a few days, but the pre-sale results also reflect to some extent the consumer concerns and recognition of the product, I believe VOGA and MOTO continuous competition in the forward position will continue, representing Projection in the field of mobile phone two major areas of the opponent will bring us what kind of change, look forward to it!

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