Wednesday, February 21, 2018

AR hitting the mainstream


YOU might think you can’t live without your smartphone, but tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook expect you to do just that in the not-too-distant future.
The titans of the tech industry are pouring billions into developing the device they think will replace our beloved smartphones — and the race is on to usher in the new age of connectivity.
So what is the device, you ask?
They are glasses capable of sophisticated augmented reality (AR) that will take the screen from your hand and fix it permanently in front of your face.
Sure, Google Glass was a major flop but Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google are all working on the new wearable product that, if embraced by consumers, will take us a big step down the path of cyborg consumers.

Lightwear Headset Hardware

It's important to note:
 that there will be multiple players involved. There are multiple problems to solve in the space. Software, hardware & interface. There will be sensors, displays, processors and other components to consider.

A company to do very well for its shareholders isn't going to have to dominate the space, but I think Microvision will dominate the market in displays. While I haven't tried Magic Leap, I have tried everything else out there, and Microvision's display is better.

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