Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sony Teaser...

So, I'm trying to get some chili in the slow-cooker this morning, when my phone blew up with a couple of people asking what I think of the SONY teaser.

Hit google with SONY and "Teaser"

Just got done with the cooking and sit down to look. Digging in a few places.

to start with, there's WAY more that I don't know than what I do know.

The headlines on you tube:

"Hints at big changes."
"Curved phones"
"Looks to steal Samsung's limelight with curved phones"

Apparently the consensus is "curved." My impression from looking at the video? Could mean almost anything. SONY has had notoriously boxy phones in the past, who knows. maybe they're going to round off the corners. In the current market for smartphones (until PicoP arrives) that will be considered a HUGE innovation.


* I've always thought Qualper was a smokescreen, and I have no reason to change that opinion.

* I think that from the positive reviews of Ragentek's Phone that a "fast follower" would be on deck.

* I'm reasonably sure SONY has the ability to do a limited release of a PicoP powered phone without even telling Microvision about it.

* I did have an interesting traffic spike in the last few days... mostly curious because the hits to the site came from specific internet searches. (yeah, sometimes I watch that stuff for clues.) I even did a post about that Notable Traffic Spike.

* And Walt reminded me of this SONY FIRST NEW Phone factory in 20 years

Concluding this little chapter....

There isn't enough to draw any conclusions, or even speculate much based on a SONY teaser. Something could happen there at any time however, as could happen from a number of other directions.

I suspect MWC will be interesting though.

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