Saturday, February 3, 2018


Big Pictures on this post --- to give the big picture. This is a place that should be watched closely.

Curious to see what we're listed with...  How recent things are, how many questions are asked, and how "Hot" the it is.

This is a screen picture -- Morning PST of 2/3/18, because it's likely to change and there will probably be a lot of change on this site. (IOT)

UPDATE -- Now #5 On hottest... 

The Device

I'll be watching the Questions Area

You can see what kind of questions are being asked.... "Mass production? How to install in a cell phone, how to upgrade? resolution? Can we change to USB-C? Life Expectancy?

This is showing the benefit of having a deal with a large distributor. This isn't taking up the company's time. 

When sorted on "The Hottest" the "Heat" indicator on the left sorts in order... (it's not the temperature of the device in operation!)

10th Hottest of their devices. (Not going to do another screen capture for this one.) Notice that there are 582 Devices in this list.


Portable laser projection scheme based on Microvision PSE-0403-101 light machine

This solution is a portable laser projection solution based on the Microvision laser projection module. Compared to traditional DLP and LCOS technologies, Microvision's unique LBS technology is used for ultra-low power consumption, ultra-small size, high contrast, The natural advantage.

At present, people are more and more demanding for outdoor entertainment and mobile office. Due to its characteristics, the traditional projection technology is difficult to be small in size and hard to meet the requirements of portable devices. However, the Microvision laser projection module Its ultra-low power consumption, does not require external fan cooling, and the module size is very small province, so that you can ensure that the finished product size can be very portable size; and, Microvision laser projection technology focus-free, very use In terms of the projection screen can be anytime, anywhere; In addition Microvision's color contrast is better than the traditional projection, can provide a good user experience."

From Questions:

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