Sunday, March 25, 2018

U2 to use Augmented reality in upcoming tour

Journal of Musical Things

The primary value of augmented reality is that it brings components of the digital world into a person’s perception of the real world, and does so not as a simple display of data, but through the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment.
Translated, that means “making the real world all that more cooler.”
U2 is always looking to top themselves when it comes to their tour spectacles. For the upcoming Songs of Experience roadtrip, head tour dude Willie Williams–the guy who has designed pretty much every U2 tour of any consequence–is apparently turning to AR.
Enter the 5th type of augmented reality tech: Projection based AR. This type of AR projects artificial light onto real world surfaces, forming digital images. It can be interactive, or non-interactive.
Another interesting application of projection based AR utilises laser plasma technology to project a 3D interactive hologram into mid-air.

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