Friday, March 2, 2018

Voga V Review... TechRadar

The projector shows strong here.

They don't like that it can't connect to google services, but that little thing has zero to do with the projection.


You turn the projector on using a simple on-screen switch, and by default, the screen goes dark shortly afterwards to save power – but you can still interact with it and turn off the projector just as easily.

The projector displayed impressive and eerily bright pictures during our testing, although it’s best used in a dark environment and as close as possible to the targeted projection surface (a dedicated projector screen preferably, but a white wall will do).

A sample of movie trailers from YouTube played flawlessly with no visible ghosting or stuttering – this is a device that will feel equally at home projecting content on your bedroom wall, or on a whiteboard in the boardroom of a PLC.

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