Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chinese MPCL1 Review

Thanks for the heads-up Joe

Chinese Review Source Translation from Google Translate.

Lightweight and convenient to carry Sony MPCL1 good portable mini projector

Video equipment is very advanced now, like a lot of high-end flagship phone or have support 4K video camera, any memorable pictures are instantly will shoot it down, but have you ever thought, if we just Chinese Lunar New Year reunion when you want to share memories, in addition to forwarding through intelligent means movie, there is no more immediate fast, and everyone can feel with the way?

With today Marco Kao joining us to share this one from the MP-CL1 Sony portable mini projector, all the problems have been solved, this mini projector will not only bring good light, but the built-in speaker, wanted to know it What are superior to others, now followed by Marco Kao borrowed less get to know Sony's MP-CL1 it!

The second half of the Sony firepower can be said, in the Division of products can be seen highly explosive product, TV division launched a history of the thinnest 4K TV, camera department has high sensitivity and low noise of A7S II and the smallest full-format digital camera RX1R II, mobile communications departments are brought in 4K screen phone Xperia Z5 Premium, can interact with intelligent Bluetooth Speakers BSP60, of course, developed for business 4K laser ultra-short focus projector, but the price is not the average person can start with. Fortunately, Sony in early October, to launch a relatively close to the people of action miniature projector MP-CL1, which is to share with you today, I keep the product.


  1. Hi Peter,which one have better video quality?Sony mp cl1 or PicoPro?Because i love to have 1,thanks

  2. Hi, the specs of sony mpcl1 say that the light source life is 2000 hrs. Does that mean after 2000 hrs the projector die ?

    1. I sent a question into SONY about that, the response was that they gave that number out of an abundance of caution. They expect them to last much more than 10,000 hours, but wanted to be conservative.