Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New About SONY

Interesting news from SONY today, the newest news from an out of the way place.

First, from a review of the SONY FMPX10 4K Ultra HD Media Player: Here's a KEY bit of information we should pay attention to:

From 4K.com

"he final awesome feature of the FMP X10. In addition to the streaming content options it offers, this particular device also delivers access to Sony’s huge Video Unlimited 4K content library. We’re talking about hundreds of hours of 4K UHD feature content, movies, documentaries and other programming, all available for downloading and with a number of the most popular movie titles available pre-loaded to get you started watching and seeing the content quality in native 4K right out of the box."

If they include content with their devices, this will be a superb perk for new owners of PicoP devices when they start including memory (either included in a phone, game system sled, or stand-alone device.) I'm quite confident that a device like MPCL1 that includes a TV tuner (streaming & on air) and memory (like a TiVO) included will happen soon. Only because it makes so much sense to do so. When it does, it could come loaded with a lot of SONY content.  [ I've been saying this for a while, go back here: "Thoughts on Apple TV" & "Sony TV Tuner"

SONY CEO at Wall Street Journal (More at the article)

"MR. BAKER: You think one of your core growth areas is going to be making parts for phones and cameras and various other things.

MR. HIRAI: Indeed. We’ve always had cutting-edge image-sensor technology, both in terms of the technology of the sensors themselves, as well as the manufacturing that goes into it. And we have the No. 1 market share. We’ve had that for a long time. And we want to make sure that that’s part of a strategy for continued growth of Sony."

PicoP is a nice part for a phone or a camera...

Sony buys Toshiba Image Sensor Business

TOKYO—Sony Corp. is likely to strengthen its image sensor business by acquiring a competing arm from Toshiba Corp., people familiar with the matter said Saturday.

Rethink Wireless

Whatever the future of this activity, Sony is certainly shifting its emphasis to areas where it has greater competitive strength, including displays and various types of sensor chips. Hence the reported bid for the Toshiba unit, which Bloomberg sources said would cost it ¥20bn ($165m). Toshiba is looking to raise case after a recent accounting scandal removed $1.3bn from its profit figure since 2008.

Sony supplies CMOS smartphone imaging chips to Apple and Samsung, among others, and is the market leader with about 40% share of the $8.7bn pie. It is pushing this expertise into other devices, such as gaming consoles and wearables, too, as the sector looks set to grow sharply to about $12bn by 2019.

Sony is targeting a revenue increase of 62% by 2018, which would bring in ¥1.5 trillion. Acquiring Toshiba's unit would add about 100,000 units a month and up to ¥70bn in additional sales, and operating income of up to ¥20bn, according to estimates by SMBC Nikko Securities. Toshiba supplies CMOS image sensors to Microsoft, HTC, LG and Nikon, among others. The most important element of its dowry would be its plant in Oita, which would increase Sony's output capacity - seen recently as a potential brake on its growth.

And also posted recently

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