Saturday, October 17, 2015

Visited MPCL1 last night

A friend has received an MPCL1 and I went to give it a look last night. The picture is excellent as I expected. 

Most of what I saw was what I expected, it's an excellent product, producing an excellent picture. In darkness you ask yourself why you would want a television set at all.

What I found extraordinary was the keystone correction. I didn't expect this. I have used my own PicoPro to view content on the ceiling,  and the trick to that is to lay flat on your back and project straight up.

With the keystone correction, we were able to shine the projector at about a 45 degree angle up at the ceiling, and adjust the picture. The effect is amazing. Rather than feeling like you're looking up at the ceiling, it is as though you have a drop down screen. Instead of laying down, you can recline and watch very comfortably.

The effect is really awesome, and it's very simple to make the adjustment.

Good job SONY!

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