Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pioneer Cyber Navi -- Game on.

There are a lot of irons in the fire at MicroVision.

The management has made it clear that some things require active MicroVision participation to keep going, with other things, they have done their work and are waiting for the other OEMS to do what they have to do with the tech.

Many of us who follow the company forget about the seeds that have been planted, and that we're waiting to sprout. I believe that many of them WILL sprout. 

(The interested 50 OEMS -- they're STILL out there, and they still know the tech and want to incorporate it into their products.... we may hear less about them now that we have a strong partner in SONY who is working to make components for many other manufacturers.)

CyberNavi from this blog

The CyberNavi absolutely uses MicroVision Technology. It didn't sell well, because it was attached to a Pioneer system that required about a $3,000 investment before the HUD could even be added to it.

There are some suspicions that the HUD company from Vancouver BC is using the Pioneer hardware. (It looks very familiar)  Iris Hud  -- I had tried to get specific information from them, and I'm always dubious of anything crowd-funded, but there they are.

Based on image comparisons, they're the same.

Iris HUD

Pioneer CyberNavi

Pioneer - About Japan Auto Show

In addition, we will display and propose 3D-LiDAR, a driving space sensor, and new AR (augmented reality) HUD (Head-up Display) Unit, both of which are under development, as well as a variety of telematics services that utilize big data. Other exhibits will include examples of in-vehicle applications of OLED lighting.
Visitors will also enjoy taking a look at CYBER NAVI and Raku NAVI, our car navigation systems equipped with advanced functions, showcased in a zone for regular displays.

JDPower HUD Systems Ranked (From Last week!)

The Alpine Big X Series ranks highest for a fourth consecutive year, with a score of 589, an increase of 16 points from 2014. The Alpine Big X Series has improved significantly—by at least 10 points—in all four factors, except operation/ user interface.

The Pioneer Cyber Navi Series ranks second at 555, improving by 6 points from 2014. The Kenwood MDV Series ranks third, with a score of 544.

Thanks whoever found this and posted it on the Yahoo Message board

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