Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Lenovo Tablet Has Projector

Still looking for details about this. I haven't yet gotten confirmation of the projector specs, but a close inspection of the images associated with the article indicate that it's a DLP projector.  

Increasing popularity of pico projection will be good for MicroVision. This appearance does tell us a couple of things that are significant: 

  • Large OEMS are looking at pico projectors.
  • There was enough interest in Lenovo's first Yoga Tablet with PicoProjector that they did it again.
They have adjusted the location of the projector, and bumped up it's power a little bit. 

I'm pretty sure SONY component sales people have knocked on the door of Lenovo.


The Yoga Tab 3 Pro's integrated pico-projector can't be used when you're working in 'stand' mode as it's flush to your desk, but it has a free line of sight to a projecting surface in all other modes.
Lenovo says the Yoga Tab 3 Pro can project images up to 70 inches across -- a considerable increase on the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro's 50 inches. We found its performance to be very impressive. Its 50-lumen brightness makes it viable to use in dimly-lit rooms during the daytime, although in a brightly lit office it will likely suffer from washed-out colours. An app lets you select pre-saved content, and is very easily bypassed.
The projector is undoubtedly the star of the Yoga Tab 3 Pro show, and it should prove useful both at work and at home. It's easy to operate, and is complemented by good battery life and an above-average audio subsystem.

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