Tuesday, October 13, 2015

iPhone 7 Rumors -- Component maker partners.

Like others who are following MicroVision closely, I hesitate, sometimes to post things like this because it can start a ridiculous frenzy.

I invest in this company because I see it's incredible potential over a long period of time, included in this, is interest by innovative companies like Apple.

Now, there's no shortage of various rumors about what Apple may or may not do in their next devices -- they are rumors. Rumors shouldn't be immediately believed, but they shouldn't be ignored either.

I would be very dismissive of some of these, except for an important fact of the business tactics MicroVision is employing. The TWO large OEMS that MicroVision is currently working with are BOTH suppliers of components to Apple. 

It's entirely possible that SONY is working out a deal to provide PicoP engines to a number of major OEMS right now -- and that's what those of us who follow the company and bet large on it are hoping is going on in a big way.


Apple looks to appeal to users with all different tastes and interests, and the upcoming iPhone 7 looks to do just that. So much talk is on the personal uses of smartphones, but the latest rumors will appeal to business and personal interests alike.

A built in projector looks to be one of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors. The projector is believed to emulate from the top of the phone and will project anything on-screen to a screen or a light colored wall. We’ve seen add-ons that have the same premise, but phone case like fixtures are either too bulky or poor in quality.

The projector is said to be viewable in at least full HD, and will add a unique element to the concept of the iPhone 7. Imagine projecting pictures, spreadsheets, and even full-length movies on a living room wall. The business uses are huge, especially in this mobile era of technology. Working on data spreadsheets right from the palm of your hand can instantly be turned into a collaboration project among co-workers.

Aside from built in projector, new iPhone 7 rumors are out a bigger battery and a waterproof design. One of the biggest disappointments of previous iPhones has been the lack of juice, and the iPhone 7 battery is expected to be bigger and better. Expect to see at least a 3200 non-removable mAh battery in what looks to be one of the best multimedia smartphones for 2016.

iPhone7 Buzz

Apple around a decade back started its work on the project, back in time when no one could have ever imagined a touch screen phone but Apple provided that, now when you hear about the projector aspects, in today’s world everything is possible and Apple is always on the mark, leading the innovation as sources say that Apple’s iPhone 7 may sport a built-in projector. 
iPhone 7 for Executives and Businessmen- The built-in projector in iPhone 7 can greatly attract executives who are working in corporate world and the businessmen who went to clients for the presentation. This can be an alternative option in case the project is not available at client’s office. It will be a handy tool for them and all the files that they want to portray on bigger screen can be saved in the iPhone itself and be projected on the bigger screen, may be the walls of the office.

iPhone7 Updates

iPhone 7 rumors show that the device may include several previously unseen features such as a built-in projector, facial recognition as well as a vastly improved camera.

The news explored a while ago through the popular mobile blog, Patently Apple. In the mid of 2013, it was discovered that Apple is probing into a technology that they call Projected Display Shared Workspaces. While the naming of the feature sounds a little bit clunky, the essence is it enables various iOS devices to project their displays onto any surface.

With many years passed to build up said technology, discussion has now heated that the iPhone 7 might have a built-in projector such as the one described. That being said, Galaxy Beam by Samsung was marketed on much the same premise and didn’t get successful. Regardless, Apple certainly has a strong past of using brand capability reinvent the old ideas. With that in mind, it could be possible to see the trend continuing with the iPhone 7’s rumored projector feature.

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